These days, more and more people refuse animal food, explaining this as both health benefits and caring for the planet. An increase in the number of cattle generates almost as much methane emissions as industrial plants.

However, in big cities, it is not easy for vegetarians and those who want to join the healthy diet to find fully vegetarian cafes and especially restaurants. In cities, such people often remain hungry, because there is nothing but fast food establishments with hamburgers and restaurants with meat dishes within walking distance.

To be sure that the food you eat is truly animal-free, it’s best to cook it yourself.

In addition, homemade meals can help you better control calories and not gain weight.

Vegetarian Cooking Mobile Apps

Here is a rating of the best apps for vegetarians and those wishing to become one, based on the opinions of vegetarian users.

  • Just Vegan. The app is available on Android and iOS and is just right for beginners. It has not only many recipes, but also useful tips on healthy living and news on advocating nutrition without killing animals. The app allows you to learn more about the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle and helps you to join this culture.
  • Vegan Maps. This Android and iOS app is a navigator for restaurants and cafes serving vegetarian food. Users can quickly find vegetarian restaurants within walking distance in any city of the world by specifying their geolocation. The app provides users with menus and customer reviews on the quality of food in restaurants. In addition, the developers of the application promised to plant trees at their own expense for comments with recommendations of vegetarian restaurants and cafes.
  • Veggie Go. It is a whole social network for vegans available on Android and iOS. Users can share their recipes, leave comments, and talk about their healthy lifestyle choices. The application allows them to meet like-minded people in different parts of the world and visit them without fear of accidentally eating a piece of beef.

Applications with vegetarian recipes are not only about cookbooks, but also about getting information about all kinds of aspects of nature protection and ways to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Application of the Non-Profit Organization Gesundheit und Ernährung

This mobile app is intended rather for advanced vegans who want to not only learn recipes for new dishes and prepare delicious food or find restaurants, but also learn about healthy and safe lifestyles at a scientific level.

Foundation specialists research vegetarian recipes, analyze their composition and make expert conclusions about the benefits or harms of each dish.

The application contains reviews of books on vegetarianism and healthy lifestyle from the world’s most authoritative experts in these fields of knowledge.

Some dishes require rather exotic ingredients that are not easy to obtain in Europe and the USA.