Windows apps like ExpressVPN do not need any particular advertising. Because today, people in many countries can visit only some of the sites of interest. Governments are enforcing their restrictions. Corporations are trying to collect as much information as possible about every user on the web – what he does, what he is interested in, and how he acts.

And attackers sleep and seek to steal personal information and payment data and then steal or use blackmail. Various VPNs are an easy way to get unlimited access to the desired sites and maintain complete anonymity when surfing the Internet. ExpressVPN also presents the possibility of a large selection of servers to connect to the selected web resources.

Authorization in ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is not a free service. And to use it, you will need to choose a package of services. As of January 2023, the rates are as follows:

  1. One month will cost $12.95.
  2. If you pay for six months at a time, it’s down to $9.99 a month.
  3. An annual subscription at $8.32 for each of the 12 months of use.

After paying for one or another plan, customers receive a unique activation code. Subsequently, you will need to enter it for ExpressVPN to function without restrictions.

Connecting anonymous communication

In the main window, you can choose the location of the VPN server. After this, the connection will be established automatically. At the moment, the program allows you to connect to one of 94 servers scattered around the world. Connecting to a virtual private network allows users to visit any website without restrictions. This utility replaces the IP address and masks the original location to maintain anonymity. All traffic is redirected through secure servers.

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Using a VPN service allows you to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access and interception. This feature helps connect to public Wi-Fi networks, and an advanced encryption method is used for additional security. The program notifies users if the VPN connection is lost. In this case, the Internet connection will be automatically blocked to prevent personal data leakage.

Advantages of using ExpressVPN for gamers

  1. Ability to be among the first to receive the latest additions to the games, using connections to game servers from the state’s territory where the necessary content will appear earlier than in other countries. Gamers should also GFWL download in addition to ExpressVPN to keep their collection of games for Windows/Xbox at their fingertips.
  2. Have a convenient time with your friends no matter where they are. It is enough to specify the desired region by connecting to a game server in another country.
  3. It Provides a comfortable game on any device. Whether the gamer uses Xbox, PlayStation, PC, or Nintendo, ExpressVPN has the appropriate solution.
  4. The provider won’t be able to limit the bandwidth of the Network, as the data going through the VPN is securely encrypted.

Gamers who want to control their graphics cards should also Intel Control Panel download. The utility makes it easy to get information on the video adapter, make settings changes, connect multiple monitors, etc.


  1. The application is free to download, but you must buy a subscription.
  2. ExpressVPN is available for Windows/Mac and Android/iOS.
  3. A large selection of servers.
  4. There is no time limit or speed limit.
  5. Full compatibility with all modern versions of Windows.