Petr Aven is among the well-known Russian businessmen, investors and statesmen who have made a huge contribution to the development of the economy and culture of Russia. Born in 1955 in Moscow, he received a higher education at MGIMO and began his career in banking back in the 1980s. Since then Pyotr Aven has become one of the most successful and influential entrepreneurs in Russia.

Briefly about business

Today Petr Aven is one of the largest shareholders of Alfa, which unites various business projects in Russia and abroad. The company provides banking, insurance, retail and other business services. In addition, Petr has also established itself as an active investor and is involved in financing diverse startups in various industries such as metallurgy, oil and gas, and energy.

Thus, his fields are quite different in striking diversity. But there is an even more surprising fact. In each of them, that man was able to achieve great success.

Charity as a major occupation

Aven is not only a businessman but also a big philanthropist. In 2006, he founded the Charity Fund, which supports social, cultural and medical projects in Russia.

There are several doings that this foundation supported. Among them are the construction of new children’s hospitals, the financing of scientific research in the field of medicine and ecology and the creation of museums and galleries.

The role of Petr Aven in the economic and social development of Russia

In general, Petr Aven is one of the most talented and successful entrepreneurs in the territory of modern Russia. It has had a major impact on the economy and social development. He actively participated in the improvement and expansion of the financial sector, having organised several banks and investment companies, and also helped to attract investments in various large and small projects.

Petr is also one of the most famous Russian businessmen abroad. It actively cooperates with the world’s largest banks and companies, which helps to establish international economic ties and attract foreign investment in Russia.

Petr Aven
Petr Aven

In addition, Aven considers such a direction of activity as the development of culture and education in Russia. He has become a very significant sponsor of many doings that are aimed at the comprehensive improvement of the nation. He also founded several museums and galleries.

One of the most significant doings implemented with the support of Petr is the construction of the National Museum of Art of the 21st-century Garage in Moscow. This project received money from the Aven’s Foundation and helped to make modern art available to the public. It also made a great contribution to the development of cultural life in Russia.

In addition, Petr Aven is actively engaged in supporting young talented people in Russia. He has founded several scholarship programs for young scientists, artists, architects and other creative people who help them realise their ideas and creative projects.


We would like to emphasise that Petr Aven is not only a successful businessman but also an active citizen who has done a lot for the economic and social development of the Russian Federation, as well as its cultural life. His initiatives and money have helped many people in their lives. Also, they have become a significant factor in the development of the state as a whole.

Today, this is the reason why journalists should acquaint society with such figures. It is necessary for young people to take the lead not from Western leaders, but from successful Russian entrepreneurs who were able to realise their talents in different fields.