Kitchen Stories is a free app that has gained popularity among millions of users. It allows professional and amateur chefs to get inspiration and sharpen their culinary skills. All recipes are presented as step-by-step instructions, supported by colorful photos as well as videos.

The main screen of the application is dedicated to the recipes, which are arranged in groups. There is a filter that sorts dishes by cooking time and difficulty, diet, country of origin, main ingredients, and other parameters. Users can create collections of favorite recipes.

There are following features in the application:

  • Cooking mode. This option keeps the device display on when the user’s hands are busy.
  • Search bar. A very useful function that allows the user to find recipes by keywords.
  • Countdown timer. Located on the left side of the display and stays there while the user explores the sections. Built-in timer will notify the user when the dish is ready.
  • Portion calculator. The function allows you to recalculate the ingredients in the recipe to the exact number of people if necessary.
  • Shopping list. Use this function to make a list before you go to the store, so you don’t forget anything.
  • Video tutorials. A very useful feature for the beginners. It shows in detail how to prepare a dish and shares the culinary tricks, for example, how to crush chocolate into shavings, or make powdered sugar, or whip cream.

Kitchen Stories is a full-featured cookbook with a great design. The app will allow you to train your cooking skills and forget to worry about what to cook for lunch or dinner today.