Increasing the number of mobile users makes smartphone applications popular. When they are created, developers pay a lot of attention to their functionality. Programs are cross-platform or designed for use on a certain operating system. Users often wonder what the basis is for developing mobile applications. This depends on the features of the program.

Programmers use different programming languages. Among the most popular are:

  • Kotlin;
  • Java;
  • HTML5;
  • Swift;
  • Objective-C.

Google encourages developers to create apps for Android using Kotlin, even though this language only appeared a few years ago. It has an open code. Kotlin is characterized by very simple syntax and sharp consistency, which greatly facilitates the work and other activities of programmers.

  • The language in which mobile apps are written depends on the platform. If you need an Apple-based device program, you should pay attention to Objective-C. Compatibility with operating systems is a distinctive feature. This is the reason why changes are minimal even at the time of publishing updates.
  • Java is considered one of the optimal languages for Android applications. You can easily redirect programs that are created using this language to other operating systems. Versatility is the main advantage of the Java language.
  • HTML5 is a language that programmers use to develop web applications that we open through browsers. This language is perfect for beginners.
  • Swift is a language that was created on the basis of Objective-C. Developers use it for applications on the iOS platform. The main characteristic of this language is the sharp typing of objects. Due to this, system development does not encounter errors in its process.

Features of mobile application development

What mobile applications develop depends on the purpose of the programming language. Before writing the program, the developer must decide on the range of functions and target audience of the program. Depends on the type of operating system for which applications are being developed.

You should set a free testing period for all new developments. The application should be updated at least once a year. Any application should contain information on the confidentiality policy, as users should be warned and consent to the collection of personal data.