Many modern people can’t live a day without a device. Smartphone programs are designed for different purposes. They give you the opportunity to communicate, to know the weather, to have fun, to analyze your finances, and even to exercise. Various agencies and analysts select the best applications for the phone based on the frequency of their downloads by users on a regular basis. We will describe the most popular ones.

Mobile applications rating

We added applications with different functions to our rating. They are designed for different areas of activity. We will briefly describe some of the mobile applications that are at the top of the TOP. Millions of users from Europe and the rest of the world downloaded them.

  1. Tik-Tok. This social network is very popular and cannot move to another position of TOP except the first one. Tik-Tok has become very successful in Europe, America, France, and China. Social network downloads have exceeded 60 million.
  2. Telegram. This program by Pavel Durov also goes into this TOP. The distinctive feature of this application is encryption technology. The creator of this messenger said that the popularity of the program is due to the need of users in a communication platform that would focus on privacy and security primarily.

  3. Zoom. During the pandemic, video communication apps became very popular in many countries. Zoom is one of the most successful among them. The tool enables users to hold conferences and meetings remotely. Zoom will help you, for example, for educational purposes. Most users choose Zoom because of its sustainable Internet connection and free use.
  4. Facebook. Facebook is one of the most popular social networks that is included in the TOP mobile app. You can install Facebook on various devices. This social network allows users to share information with their friends. Tens of millions of people around the world chose this app as their favourite one.
  5. YouTube. It is the most popular video hosting in the world, containing both short clips and feature-length videos. The authors publish their films and others’ ones. You can leave comments in this application and praise the content, as well as set «like» tags.

StarMaker Karaoke, Dixie are still some popular smartphone programs.