Recipe Book is an application that contains a large number of interesting recipes for every day. This means that each user, who has installed it, will be able to cook delicious and healthy dishes. Keep in mind that for the correct work of the application you need an Internet connection.

The app is developed on the basis of artificial intelligence and has twice won the Editors’ Choice Award. The recipe book offers professional chefs, home cooks, and newcomers a journey into a whole new world of cooking!

Check out our wide range of recipes from gourmet delicacies to easy and simple quick snacks – we have it all!

Recipe Book

The app allows the users to upload their own delicious recipes. If you’d like, you can add them to a special page to take part in the contests, which are held regularly in the app, and compete for the interesting prizes.  There is a unique “Shake and Make” feature. All you need to do is enter the available ingredients into a special field, or take a picture of an ingredient, shake your phone and get recipes with these products.

The app is easy to use due to its clear navigation. In addition, there are many tutorial videos that show how to use the application.

The app allows the users to create a shopping list so that they don’t forget to buy all the ingredients they need for the cooking.

Due to being super interactive the app allows users to vote for their favorite dish, share recipes via social media, comment and save interesting recipes to try making them later!

The app has an amazing range of recipes that you can make for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as for the holiday menu.

Download the Cookbook app to get a whole new culinary experience.